Eco-Friendly Sustainability

Our Commitment

Environmental sustainability is one of In Waves’ cornerstones. We understand the impact producing clothing can have on the planet, which is why we’ve made it our mission to minimize our effect as much as possible. Below you’ll find more information on how we’ve made that possible.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

All our products are sent in either recyclable cardboard boxes or biodegradable mailing bags. The only non-recyclable packaging used is the bubble wrap on our mugs, but we’re working on changing this as soon as possible. Check your local recycling scheme for advice on how to dispose of biodegradable packaging.

Water Based Ink

Water-based inks are better for the planet and still have as much staying power as the alternatives. Better yet, it ages nicer and doesn’t become sticky over time. All our dyeing and printing is done with water-based inks.

Working With Eco-Friendly Charities

We donate 10% of all our sales to eco-friendly charities to back up our claims of being an eco-conscious brand. Any brand that creates new products will have some environmental impact, so we aim to mitigate ours by giving back where we can.

FSC Certified Literature

All our cardboard packaging is FSC certified, meaning it comes from sustainable sources. It also means our suppliers conform to the FSC’s strict environment and sustainability regulations.


Certified Sustainable Clothing

All our apparel comes from manufacturers with various sustainable awards. These include certified organic cotton, PETA vegan approval, and recognition by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

organic 100 content standard

The Supply Chain

Our fabrics are made from recycled materials, including fabric bags, string, and plastic bottles. Where necessary, unused fabric is further recycled back into the production chain to make everything as sustainable as possible. Finally, we ensure the logistic companies we use only run on renewable energy or offset their carbon emissions.

Circular Economy

Our business model is entirely based on the concept of a circular economy. In short, this means we recycle and reuse where possible and work with companies running on renewable energy. The bottom line with a circular economy is minimizing waste and regenerating natural resources.

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