Positive Mental Health

Mental health comes in waves. We’ve all been through dark times, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. Our mission is to create positive change related to mental health awareness and to brighten up lives through something as ubiquitous as clothing.

Mental Health Through Colour

The relation between colour and emotions is ancient, and it’s something we tap into with our clothing. You’ve probably heard of red meaning warning and green meaning envy, but pretty much every shade imaginable has some kind of emotional connotation.

We focus on using pastel colours, primarily because of their light-hearted yet calming shades. Of course, we throw some brighter colours in there too for a bit of saturation.

Either way, our colours are positive and are designed to bring about lighter moods, simply by slipping on a t-shirt.

Working With Mental Health Charities

Mental health awareness is a topic close to our hearts, and our founders have relied on mental health charities throughout their lifetimes. That’s why we give back a portion of our sales to charities designed to support those going through difficulties.

10% of all our sales will be given to charities to help them get the funding they need. But we don’t plan to stop there. Over time, we want to get involved in events so we can do our bit for the communities these charities build.

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