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It Comes In Waves

Promoting positive mental health through eco-friendly sustainable clothing

Our Values

In Waves can be defined as Vibrant Colours, Eco-Friendly & Positive Mental Health. In Waves was created to promote positive mental health for Plus Size Men through the purchase of eco-friendly streetwear.

The owners of the business are long-time friends who worked together in the beauty and make-up industry. They decided to venture into this business after becoming interested in mitigating mental health illness through positive means. They noticed a lack of resources around mental health, especially in young people, and wanted to make a change. 

Bright Pastel Eco-Friendly Streetwear: The t-shirts are designed in such a way that they promote mental health awareness by using bright and pastel colours, which tend to be very uplifting.

Also, In Waves Apparel’s clothing is made from 100% organic cotton, which has been turned into a reusable material using compostable bags and string. By purchasing clothing from In Waves, you will not only be contributing to a better mental state but also helping to save the environment.

The In Waves apparel business focuses on bright pastel clothing to promote positive mental health, whilst the unique designs on the clothing focus on eco-friendly sustainability.

The In Waves apparel brand currently promotes mental and emotional well-being through a collection of bright pastel tees that minimise environmental impact. Waves Apparel is for YOU if you are looking for a stylish, eco-friendly and ethical collection of trendy shirts that represent YOUR passions.

Opening Conversations About Men’s Mental Health

The idea that men can’t show emotion is unfortunately persistent. Despite suicide rates being highest amongst young men, many still feel they can’t be open about their struggles. One of our key missions is to change this mindset for the better.

See Positive Mental Health for more

Creating A Supportive Community

Communities are places where we can gather to share thoughts and ideas and discuss challenges we might be facing. To facilitate change around mental health awareness, we plan to build a community for people facing difficulties and those who have been through them. On top of this, we want to create a safe space where we can all just enjoy fashion!

Learn more about the In Waves Community here

Using Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packaging is typically a one-use item, which can lead to a lot of waste. We only ever use eco-friendly packaging on our items to ensure our impact is as small as possible.

See Eco-Friendly Sustainability to learn more

Creating A Sustainable Circular Economy

Circular economies are all about sustainability and minimizing waste. We’ve built our business around minimizing impact and recycling products wherever possible.

See Eco-Friendly Sustainability for more

Donating To Charity

Having positive company ideas means nothing if we don’t give back to the industries that support them. This is why we give 10% of profits from sales and giving back to charities focusing on mental health awareness and sustainability.

See Positive Mental Health and Eco-Friendly Sustainability for more

The In Waves Blog

Here you’ll find all the latest news related to In Waves Apparel. Whether it’s news about the company, developments in mental health sectors or hot sustainability trends, we’ve got you covered.

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Plus Size Clothing

As any plus size person knows, finding bright and interesting clothes can be a challenge. Once you factor in things like sustainability, style, and quality, it can be almost impossible. Well, In Waves is built on the idea of making plus size clothing accessible, so you don’t need to worry about that here.

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