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The In Waves Story

In Waves Apparel’s mission is to inspire our wearers and promote self-expression, creativity and individuality through a variety of colourful clothing lines. 

In Waves Apparel offers the means to a Happy & Eco-Conscious Life: Our apparel aims to bring a positive outlook to mental health, while also promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We believe that making clothing bright, simple, fun and offbeat will help others to be more creative and think differently about everyday activities. Each garment comes with a print that promotes a different thought or idea related to places, practices, and mentalities.

In Waves Apparel is an online clothing line that promotes positive mental health through quirky, bright, and unique clothing. Our mission is to use organic fabrics and materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly to minimize our impact on the planet while promoting this ethos among our wearers.

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What We Do

Our business model is simple: we want people to feel good about themselves, both physically and mentally. We do this by creating bright, unique apparel with a focus on mental health awareness.

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How Our Clothing Is Made

In Waves Apparel focuses on organic cotton, recycled plastics, and sustainable dyes. We’ve been careful to select suppliers that align with our eco-conscious mindset to ensure every aspect of our supply chain is covered.

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Meet The Team

Aaron Roberts


Born in Llanelli, now living in Cardiff, Aaron had an idea to start In Waves Apparel after seeing that plus size men like himself cannot find clothes that fit them in conventional bricks and mortar stores. He believes that everyone should have equal access to mental health service and that we should all take that next step to being eco-friendly, reducing out carbon footprint in the process.

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